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    Zhu Yingguo
    Author:  Date:2014-02-26  Clicks:

    Professor Zhu YIngguo, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, is an expert in plant genetics and breeding. He was born in Luotian, Hubei in 1939 and graduated from the biology department of Wuhan University in 1964. For the last 4 decades, he strongly supports the combination of basic research, applied research and industry. His research group has invented Red-violet type hybrid rice which has been produced widely in China. He has published over 150 theses and 4 books. He was awarded the titles of National Outstanding Young Expert and National “973” Project Excellent Individual, etc. He has also won a series of national prizes.

    Relevant news about Professor Zhu Yingguo:  http://www.t70752.cn/info/1050/1772.htm


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